References and favourite books on historical textiles and related topics

(In no particular order)

The Art of the Dyer 1500-1700, David Hopkins, 2000, Stuart Press, 117 Farleigh Rd, Backwell, Bristol,
1 85804 151 1 – incl recipes & techniques from "The Plictho of Gioventura Rossetti" 1548

Dyeing the Clothing of the Common People 1580-1660, Stuart Peachey and David Hopkins, 2001, Stuart Press, 117 Farleigh Rd, Backwell, Bristol, 1 85804 173 2 - Interesting section on who wore which colours where (eg 85% of pettycoats were red).

Medieval Dyes, Jodi Smith, 2003, 3rd Revision, Spinning Madly, 6333 East Hwy 402, Loveland, Colorado 80537
Dye Plants and Dyeing,  1976 (11th printing), Brooklyn Botanical Garden Record, Plants & Gardens, Vol.20, No.3, NY - Articles incl. Dyes of Ancient Usage, Dye Plants from Round the World.

A Dyer's Garden, Rita Buchanan, 1995, Interweave Press, Loveland, Colorado, 1-883010-07-1
The sequel to below, on Dyes from plants & how/whether to grow them. Well illustrated.

A Weaver's Garden, Rita Buchanan, 1987, Interweave Press,
Loveland, Colorado
, 0-934026-28-9
Just one chapter (68 pages) on Dyes from plants. Includes soap plants, plant fibres for spinning, pest repellents, reeds & teasels.

Craft of the Dyer: Colour from Plants and Lichens of the Northeast, Karen Leigh Casselman, 1980, U of Toronto, 0-8020-2362-2
Lichen Dyes: The New Source Book, Karen Diadick Casselman, 2001, Dover Publications, NY, 0-486-41231-8
Dyes from Lichens and Plants: A Canadian Dyer's Guide, Judy Waldner McGrath, 1977, Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd, Toronto, 0-422-29858-7
Textiles and Clothing, c.1150-1450, Medieval Finds from Excavations in
London, E. Crowfoot, F. Pritchard & K. Staniland, 1992, Museum of London, ISBN 0 11 290445 9

North European Textiles until AD 1000, Lise Bender Jorgensen, 1992, Aarhus University Press, Denmark. ISBN 87-7288-416-9

The Warp Weighted Loom, Marta Hoffmann, 1974, Robin & Russ Handweavers, Oslo. ISBN 82-00-08094


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